Guest Safety At RASS Destinations | Corona SOP at RASS Accommodation Partners

As the Corona Virus pandemic impacts all of us, we along with our accommodation partners have pledged to follow World Health Organization (WHO) and Health Ministry of Government of India recommendations and guidelines.

Dear Fellow Travellers,
We strive to promote responsible tourism and deliver the best hospitality services for our guests. Our drive and commitment towards their health and well-being are what makes us pioneers in our field. Our teams are committed to upholding unparalleled practices along with adding enhanced processes to our usual high standards.

As the Corona Virus pandemic impacts all of us, we along with our accommodation partners have pledged to follow the World Health Organization (WHO) and Health Ministry of Government of India recommendations and guidelines.

Below are a few salient features of the standards we are maintaining:

Salient Features: Precautions at all RASS Accomodation Partners

Arrivals/Check-in guidelines

  1. You must mail your government approved identification documents and travel history before arrival
  2. On arrival in our property, all guests will be checked for temperature by the hotel staff while following social distancing norms at all times
  3. You must wear face masks at all times for your own protection
  4. The front desk staff will be wearing a face shield as they will properly sanitize your hands
  5. All of our guests will be served welcome drinks in disposable glasses
  6. The keys to your room will be sanitized after each use after which they will be safely handed over to you
  7. All the facilities in the rooms will be properly cleaned and sanitized before the arrival of guests
  8. Social distancing guidelines must be followed while dining and engaging in other activities
  9. The entire luggage of the guests will be sanitized once they arrive
  10. The hotel provides masks and sanitizers in case of requirement by guests
  11. Baggage escorting facility has been temporarily suspended due to safety concerns. However, in case you need assistance, the baggage will be dropped outside your room.
  12. Before allocating any rooms to guests prior to their arrival, the rooms will be kept closed for a period of 24 hours
  13. Disinfectants will be used by the hotel staff to maintain hygiene in dining spaces, activity area or kitchen premises
  14. We promote cashless payment mode. Hence, all the extra payment can be settled through the online medium of transaction.

Dining guidelines

  1. All the tables in the dining area will be sanitized and placed at least 6 feet from each other
  2. The staff will provide use and throw menu cards for guests in their rooms before check-in
  3. Meals will be provided in disposable cutlery in the room dining menu option
  4. The team responsible for room dining option will safely bring your food and drop it till your door
  5. The buffet system in the hotel restaurant will be modified and focus will be placed on individual portions
  6. The restaurant team and staff will increase the personnel capacity in order to serve guests individually and respect the social distancing norms
  7. The restaurant may operate after the designated hours, if required, to cater to all the needs and preferences of their guests
  8. He seating capacity in the restaurant will be limited to 50% following social distancing
  9. We promote the use of organic disposable cutlery but in other cases, the cutlery used will be disinfected properly to ensure complete safety

Experience guidelines

  1. Due to the prevailing conditions, our explorers will embrace the indian gesture of “Namaste” while greeting the guests instead of shaking hands
  2. Before beginning any experience, guests will be handed a kit by the explorers that will contain mask, sanitizer, gloves and tissues
  3. In order to avoid areas that are crowded, we will travel in the early morning hours of the day
  4. Explorers as well as guests are advised to maintain social distancing throughout the course of all activities such as horse riding, jeep safari and cycling
  5. In case of a larger group size (usually more than 10 people), the use of microphones and headsets by explorers and guests is encouraged in order to maintain a safe physical distance
  6. Our vehicles such as bikes and jeeps will be sanitized after every trip
  7. With regard to social distancing guidelines, only 2 people will be allowed in one jeep
  8. We will ensure that adequate precautions are taken during Indian family dinners and cooking classes organized by local city hosts
  9. We believe in reducing our carbon footprint wherever we can. Therefore, we encourage nature walks, trekking, cycling and other activities that help to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Our pursuit of giving back to society is something we believe in very strongly. Thus, we encourage rural tourism that promotes the idea of simple living, community development and conservation of environment.

Thanking You.

Team RASS Destinations