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Kutch Birding Lodge

Nakhatrana, Great Rann of Kutch

Among Popular Hotels and Resorts in Nakhatrana at Kutch

Kutch Birding Lodge in Great Rann of Kutch - A boutique Resort in Nakhatrana

The Great Rann of Kutch is a special place on the map that holds immense historical and cultural importance. Kutch Birding Lodge, is a popular resort in nakhatrana among best hotels and resorts in Great Rann of Kutch at Nakhatrana. It is a land of celebration that has always remained fertile with its diverse culture and artistry. Amid arid lands and rich traditions, Kutch is not just a destination, it is a whole new experience. Built like a homestay in Great Rann of Kutch, this resort in nakhatrana Kutch offers an experience at par with best luxury hotels in the nearby Bhuj area.

Accommodation at Resort

4 Boutique Cottages
2 Kutchhi Bhunga Cottages

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Which is the best nakhatrana hotel or resort to stay in Kutch near Bhuj?

Kutch Birding Lodge, is a boutique homestay in Great Rann of Kutch at Nakhatrana. The hospitality is better than any hotel or resort in Kutch near Bhuj.

About the resort in Nakhatrana Kutch

Kutch Birding Lodge, A Homestay at Nakhatrana Kutch

The Great Rann of Kutch is an expansive salt marsh located in the Thar Desert in the Kutch district of Gujarat, India. Popularly regarded as one of the largest salt deserts in the world, the Great Rann of Kutch encompasses a wide area of about 7500 square kms. Kutch Birding Lodge is built with 6 cottages – 4 deluxe cottages and 2 Kutch Bhunga Cottages. Kutch Birding Lodge is surrounded with unique natural habitat near Dhinodhar mountain range and on the bank of Bhukhi River. The resort is very far from city area towards one of the biggest grasslands of India called Banni grassland reserve. Also area nearby the resort is very rich in wildlife and biodiversity. The location also has great birding, thus making it the most preferred among bhuj hotels and resorts in Kutch of Nakhatrana.

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COVID-19 Preparedness

Guided Bird Watching

Open / Bush Dining

Independent Units

Curated Experiences

Guided Tours


Hot and Cold Water Supply

Organic Toiletries

Car Parking

Things to Do at Kutch near Bhuj

  • Birding Trips
  • Evening Sundowner
  • Village Visit
  • Bush Dinner
  • Picnic Breakfast
  • Visit to Fossil Park

Gallery - Hotel and Kanha National Park

How to Reach

By Air

  • Nearest Airport
    • Rudra Mata Airport, Bhuj – 54 km – 1.5 hrs
    • Ahmedabad – 400 km – 8 hrs

By Train

  • Nearest Railway Station
    • Bhuj – 54 km – 1.5 hrs

By Road

  • Nearby Cities
    • Bhuj – 54 kms – 1.5 kms

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What do guests say about our Resort in Kutch?

Excellent Resort in Nakhatrana Kutch
Situated in the great Rann of Kutch, Kutch Birding Lodge is a resort with personalised services like a homestay. Recommended for birding trips to Kutch.
Aishwariya [TripAdvisor]
Best Hotel in Great Rann of Kutch
Kutch Birding Lodge is a good place to stay and services make it a great place in Kutch. We booked through RASS Destinations and the process of booking was very smooth.
Divyam [Guest]
Heavenly Adobe in Nakhatrana
We were suggested to stay at this Kutch resort by a Friend. Kutch Birding is the best hotel to relax near Bhuj in Gujarat. Home away from Home and unmatched hospitality.
Puneet [TripAdvisor]

Location - Great Rann of Kutch at Nakhatrana

Frequently Asked Questions

The region has the perfect blend of culture, heritage, and diversity that is reflected in its food, art, landmarks, traditions, and social life. The area comprises arid lands, with extreme climates, that are inhabited by the Kutchi people, a part of the Indian diaspora. The Great Rann of Kutch along with the Little Rann of Kutch together form what is famously called the Rann of Kutch.

Tourism point of view this place is in the middle of all tourist destination like, White Rann (which is one of the main tourist attractions during Rann-Utsav in winter season), Black Hills (Highest mountain peak in Kutch), Narayan Sarovar, Mata-no-Madh, Manavi beach, and historical Bhuj city. The land here in Kutch was formed from the sediments that were deposited by the Indus and other rivers over the thousands of years, which creates this place very unique for any fossils preservation. Till date, thousands of fossils were collected from this area and one of the biggest collections of these fossils preserved at one place and this is within the property area itself. 

Kutch Birding Lodge, a resort in nakhatrana Kutch is best for families as it provides homestay like ambience with services of a premium hotel. All this at affordable prices.

Kutch Birding Resort in Nakhatrana located on the way to fossil park offers perfect local cuisine gujarati breakfast as per Indian palette. A sample breakfast menu at this hotel in kutch would be:

  • Buttermilk / Lassi
  • Poha
  • Parantha
  • Cucumber sandwich
  • Curd / Raita
  • Upma
  • Seasonal local vegetables cooked
  • Dal
  • Achar, Papad and Salad

Among all hotels near Great Rann of Kutch, Kutch Birding Lodge is the undoubtedly the best resort to stay near GRK Gujarat.

Kutch birding lodge, a homestay / resort in Kutch follows all Covid 19 safety along with sanitization protocols and due to less no. of rooms interactions are less with guests.

Best Time to Visit Kutch
  • Summer (April – June) – Very hot, not advisable as the temperature is high at Kutch during summer.
  • Monsoon (June – September) – A lot of rains affects the travelling conditions though is it cool and pleasant.
  • Winter (November – February) – The best time to visit as birding is good, weather is pleasant, Rann of Kutch is beautiful.

Kutch Birding Resort in Kutch is undoubtedly a unique accommodation option for at tourists. Another awe-striking marvel here is the Kala Dungar. Located 25 kms north of Khavda, Kala Dungar (or Black hills) is considered to be the highest point in Kutch, standing tall and proud at an elevation of 462m. For people who wish to enjoy a relaxing time with their loved ones, one of Gujarat’s finest beaches, the Mandvi beach offers magnificent views of the coastline and is the perfect place for a short getaway.

Kutch is surrounded by the Great Rann, the Little Rann, and the Gulf of Kachchh. It is a geographical marvel that remains dry with white mud and salt in the summers and becomes an island during the monsoon due to its closeness to the sea. Thus, the white desert is a famous tourist destination in Gujarat. Visited by a Birding and Wildlife enthusiasts from around the world, resorts in Kutch offer accommodation and resting facilities. 

Cost for stay in Kutch varies from 2500 to 7000, though a special discounts are provided at Kutch Birding Lodge with all meals and special activities.

Kutch Birding Lodge has the best view of the river and the mountains, right from the room verandah.

 As per guest testimonials and feedback, the best hotel to stay in kutch for a comfortable and relaxing vacation is kutch birding lodge.

The best resort in nakhatrana kutch among top budget hotels in kutch is Birding lodge with services at par with any hospitality brand.