Sustainable Tourism Policy in India & It's Pillars

At RASS Destinations, we substantially believe that only sustainable tourism and responsible travel practises can ensure an all-round growth and welfare of the community. Steps taken are a composite part of our operations and imbibed by our partners at various levels. Through our policy, we aim to assimilate three impact pillars of sustainability at various levels of potentialities – Environmental Impact, Social Impact and Economic Impact. By encouraging our stakeholders to ensure minimised environmental impact and simultaneously encouraging our partners to involve the communities of the region. It has been our constant endeavour to ambassador spread of beneficial impact of tourism to our stakeholders, regional communities, and our operations.

Therefore, we designedly strive to give back to mother earth for its hospitality in most manners possible as can be seen through our practices. We have promised a commitment to ourselves and timely self-audit along with partnerships with our partners and external agencies.

sustainability of tourism in india needs to to have a social, economic and environment impact

Pillars of Our Sustainable Tourism Policy in India

  • Environmental Impact
  • Social Impact
  • Economic Impact
Sustainable tourism policy in India and its pillars

Following are some of the initiatives that we have taken up along with our stakeholders:

Environmental Impact:

  • Banning plastic bottles instead of using steel or glass ones
  • Minimising single-use plastic
  • Water and Energy conservation
  • Landscape conservation – natural landscape utilisation, rootstock regeneration, local flora and fauna plantation

Social Impact:

  • Cultural immersion
  • Local Employment – We recognised that tourism plays a vital role in skill development and employment generation of the local communities. We constantly encourage training and development to help our stakeholders reach 80% local employment mark

Economic Impact:

  • Local Economy – Constant efforts to employ, purchase, tie-up, vendor supplies locally help us give back to the local economy. Regional Taxes are also away.
  • Regional artisans

We commit to work and assist our stakeholders in hospitality, experience curation and sustainability. We would love to hear from you: [email protected].

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